How do I access for free, without paying for a subscription?

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  1. What is Globe Unlimited?
  2. I think I've subscribed to Globe Unlimited, but I still get blocked. Why?
  3. How do I subscribe to Globe Unlimited?
  4. What if I don’t want to purchase Globe Unlimited? Can I still read The Globe and Mail online for free?
  5. What is the cost of a Globe Unlimited subscription?
  6. How do I subscribe to the Streetwise newsletter?
  7. Do I need to be a Globe Unlimited subscriber in order to receive newsletters?
  8. Can family members share my Globe Unlimited subscription?
  9. Can I access Globe Unlimited articles through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook?
  10. Can I go back to an article I’ve already viewed without it counting toward my set number of monthly articles?
  11. How do I log into my Globe Unlimited account?
  12. How do I cancel my Globe Unlimited subscription?
  13. How do I change my Globe Unlimited online display name?
  14. How do I send you my feedback on the Globe Unlimited digital subscription product?
  15. How is Globe Unlimited different from Globe2Go access or Globe Plus?
  16. How many articles will I be able to read before reaching the monthly limit?
  17. I get home delivery of the print newspaper. Do I get a discounted rate for Globe Unlimited?
  18. I only want to trial Globe Unlimited, how do I lock in the 99¢ per week trial rate?
  19. I'm outside of Canada. How will my Globe Unlimited subscription price be calculated?
  20. If I am a Globe and Mail print newspaper subscriber, how will you identify me?
  21. If I become an online subscriber to Globe Unlimited, can I access the same content on my mobile phone, smartphone or tablet device? Can I also access Globe Unlimited on some of my current Globe and Mail apps?
  22. I’m not sure I need unlimited access, but what if the set number is not enough? Is there a mid-level subscription option?
  23. My question was not answered here. How can I get more information about Globe Unlimited?
  24. What articles count toward my free monthly allowance?
  25. What if I only want the 4 week trial offer of Globe Unlimited?
  26. What is a Globe Unlimited display name and how will it be used on the website?
  27. When I go on vacation, can I put my digital subscription on hold?
  28. Why do I need to confirm my e-mail to access my Globe Unlimited subscription?
  29. Why does my Globe Unlimited log in e-mail/password combination not work?
  30. I didn’t receive my alerts, what happened?
  31. Can I log in to Globe Unlimited from more than one device at the same time?
  32. If I give you my email address, will you be communicating with me by email to solicit other offers?
  33. Can I delete my past comments on
  34. Do I need a print subscription to get an online subscription?
  35. Do I need a separate log in account to access Globe Unlimited?
  36. How do I access for free, without paying for a subscription?
  37. I don't remember my log in information.
  38. I have a number of Globe and Mail log-ins. Which one do I use to log into Globe Unlimited?
  39. I've signed up for e-mail newsletters. Are e-mail newsletters affected by a Globe Unlimited subscription?
  40. What steps will The Globe and Mail take to protect my credit card information?
  41. Can I check my Watchlist without having to pay?
  42. Do you have an education (eg: College or University), group or corporate subscription program?
  43. Does this mean I’ll be receiving two bills from you from now on?
  44. How do I update my credit card information for my Globe Unlimited subscription?
  45. I can’t access my Globe Unlimited account because of problems associated with payment. How can I get my Globe Unlimited account back up and running?
  46. I can’t get home delivery where I live and buy it at the store. Are you going to make me pay twice?
  47. If I put my print subscription on a vacation stop, can I still access Globe Unlimited?
  48. My business has a corporate account. How do we subscribe to Globe Unlimited?
  49. What method of payment can I use to pay for the Globe Unlimited service?
  50. Why do you require my billing address and how will you use it?
  51. Will I be charged a cancellation fee for Globe Unlimited?
  52. Will the Globe Unlimited subscription price auto-renew?
  53. Will you bill my credit card right away?
  54. Do I need a separate account or log in for my mobile device?
  55. If I become a Globe Unlimited subscriber, can I access the same content on my phone or tablet?
  56. Why can’t I subscribe to Globe Unlimited from my mobile device?
  57. How do I turn off ads within Globe Unlimited?
  58. Why am I unable to access video content?
  59. Globe Unlimited - Password Reset Link
  60. Can I see articles and stories that are personalized and relevant to me?
  61. iOS App - I am experiencing technical difficulties with the new iOS app. What can you do to help?
  62. What are the main features of the Globe Unlimited Investor Tools?
  63. Why are your Investor Tools offered as part of a Globe Unlimited subscription?
  64. Who are the Globe Unlimited Investor Tools meant for?
  65. I am a Globe Unlimited subscriber. How do I log in and access my Globe Unlimited Investor Tools?
  66. Are there any tutorial videos about the Globe Unlimited Investor Tools?
  67. What is the Portfolio in Globe Unlimited and how do I use it?
  68. How do I add stocks to my Portfolio?
  69. How do I add funds to my Portfolio?
  70. How do I add cash to my Portfolio?
  71. How does dividend reinvestment work in the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?
  72. How do stock splits and takeovers work in the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?
  73. How is U.S. dollar foreign exchange calculated in the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?
  74. How do I print my Globe Unlimited Watchlist or Portfolio?
  75. How do you calculate percentage returns in the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?
  76. How do I edit my transactions in the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?
  77. Why can't I add a transaction earlier than today?
  78. Can I still use the free version of Portfolio available to me as a registrant?
  79. What is the Globe Unlimited Watchlist?
  80. How do I add stocks and funds to my Globe Unlimited Watchlist?
  81. What is StockReports+?
  82. Where do I find StockReports+?
  83. What do the stock symbols mean beside headlines?
  84. Do all companies have a StockReports+ rating?
  85. How do I enlarge the charts to be full screen size?
  86. How do I use interactive charts?
  87. Where can I find the stock-price history?
  88. What are Real-Time Stock Quotes?
  89. Can I get Real-Time Stock Quotes elsewhere for free?
  90. What exchanges are included in Real-Time Stock Quotes?
  91. Where will I see Real-Time Stock Quotes when I log into Globe Unlimited? Are they located with the rest of the Globe Unlimited Investor Tools?
  92. How do I log in and access the Globe Unlimited Investor Tools?
  93. I am not a Globe Unlimited subscriber. How do I access and try out the Globe Unlimited Investor Tools?

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