What is the difference between Portfolio in GlobeInvestorGOLD and Portfolio in Globe Unlimited?

The Portfolio in Globe Unlimited allows you to track stocks, ETFs, funds, other investments and cash, which are the same asset classes as GlobeInvestorGOLD. The biggest change you will notice is how you perform transactions, which are all in line to the tool rather than being accessed through the old menu page. The new Portfolio offers charts, an asset allocation and sector breakdown like GlobeInvestorGOLD, but these are enhanced with the addition of StockReports+ and a headline view for the latest Globe and Mail news about your Portfolio. It also includes a customized home page, where all of this information is aggregated for all of your Portfolios. Portfolio does not display as many years of historical returns, but we hope to add this in the near future if it is missed. At this time there is no option to set alerts.

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