Why is it so difficult to opt-out of online behavioural advertising through AdChoices?

We agree it would be ideal if AdChoices were a one-click process. However, the opt-out system was devised by the advertising industry recently and many advertisers and/or advertising service providers do not offer one-click solutions. The Globe is sharing reader concerns with the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) with the hopes that over time we can improve the experience for our customers. 


  1. What is AdChoices?
  2. Did The Globe create AdChoices?
  3. Why is it so difficult to opt-out of online behavioural advertising through AdChoices?
  4. The opt out process for AdChoices is way too difficult. Can The Globe do it for me?
  5. Do I have to go to every site individually to opt out?
  6. Why do I need to turn on my cookies to opt out?
  7. Why did you implement AdChoices given it's hard to use?
  8. Why are you even telling me about AdChoices when it takes so long to opt-out?
  9. What is Online Behavioural Advertising?
  10. What are the types of data used in Online Behavioural Advertising?
  11. I can’t find AdChoices on your websites?
  12. What if I don’t want to receive Online Behavioural Advertising?
  13. I opted out from Online Behavioural Advertising. Why am I still seeing ads that seem to be based on my interests?
  14. Is Behavioural Advertising legal?
  15. My question hasn’t been answered. Where can I get more information regarding AdChoices and Online Behavioural Advertising?
  16. Is The Globe selling my personal information?
  17. Does The Globe share my personal information or my online behaviour with third parties?
  18. Does The Globe track what I do on other websites?
  19. Does The Globe track what I do on globeandmail.com?
  20. What is a cookie?
  21. How do I stop The Globe from tracking me?
  22. How long has The Globe had interest-based advertising on its website?
  23. Are all ads on your site targeting me based on my interests or online behaviour?
  24. Is interest-based advertising legal?
  25. I never opted-in to interest-based advertising. Why should I have to opt-out?
  26. Don’t you need my permission to target me based on my interests?
  27. Why doesn’t The Globe just stop accepting ads on its website?
  28. If I have a subscription, will I receive interest-based advertising?
  29. How did The Globe gather what you call my “supplemental information”? I never consented to this.
  30. Can I remove my supplemental information?
  31. How do I delete all my information at The Globe?
  32. Why do you have my email address when I’m not a subscriber to The Globe?
  33. I’ve unsubscribed from The Globe’s email, why am I still receiving messages from you?

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