Complimentary access: Changing the password

Changing the password

Please follow the steps below to change your password on your account. Please note that this can only be done using a desktop/laptop only.


1.      Please visit on your Desktop/Laptop and click on “Sign In” located on the top right hand corner of the Globe2Go Home page.  

2.      Enter the email address and password for your Globe2Go account and click on “Sign In”.

3.      Please click on “My Services” located on the top right hand corner of the screen.  

4.      Click on “Manage Account” which will  take you to the User Profile page and click on “Change Password”.

5.      Please enter your current password in the “Password” field.
a)      Enter your new password
b)      Confirm the new password by entering it once again in the “Confirm New Password” field
c)      Click on “Change”

6.      Once you have successfully changed the password, a message will appear saying “Change password complete”.

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