Globe Investor Gold

  1. Does this mean I can use the same log in information for Globe Investor Gold for Globe Unlimited?

  2. I am a Globe Investor Gold subscriber, do I get a discounted rate to Globe Unlimited?

  3. If I am a Globe Investor Gold subscriber, how will you identify me?

  4. What happens if I cancel my subscription to Globe Investor Gold?

  5. I am a GlobeInvestorGOLD subscriber. How do I log in and access the Investor tools?

  6. What features from Globe Investor Gold will I not see in Globe Unlimited?

  7. Why are these new Investor Tools not part of Globe Investor Gold?

  8. What are the plans for GlobeInvestorGOLD?

  9. Can I port my GlobeInvestorGOLD portfolio into the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?

  10. When is GlobeInvestorGOLD shutting down?

  11. Why is GlobeInvestorGOLD shutting down?

  12. What’s the difference between GlobeInvestorGOLD and Globe Investor Tools?

  13. Some of the key things that differentiate our new Globe Investor Tools from GlobeInvestorGOLD include:

  14. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the product:

  15. Here are just some of the new features and benefits you’ll experience through Globe Unlimited:

  16. What about my data in GlobeInvestorGOLD? Am I going to lose it?

  17. When do I need to move my data over?

  18. How do I move my data over to Globe Unlimited?

  19. I’m a GlobeInvestorGOLD user, but I got a letter saying I need to sign up for Globe Unlimited to continue using Globe Investor Tools. How do I do that?

  20. Now that I’m moving over to Globe Unlimited, will I be charged more?

  21. I have a problem with inaccurate cash balances in my portfolios. Will this be fixed?

  22. The market charts on the home page of GlobeInvestorGOLD are not working. Will this be fixed?

  23. When I click on a headline on the home page of GlobeInvestorGOLD, I get a blank page. Will this be fixed?

  24. I can’t use GlobeInvestorGOLD on my tablet, Will this be fixed?

  25. I can’t use GlobeInvestorGOLD on my smartphone/mobile device. Will this be fixed?

  26. I have upgraded my computer and have a new web browser and now see that my Tracker tool no longer works. Will this be fixed?

  27. Every time I log into GlobeInevstorGOLD, I get asked to activate my Globe Unlimited access and I have already done this. Will this be fixed?

  28. GlobeInvestorGOLD is missing pricing data for my mutual funds. Will this be fixed?

  29. GlobeInvestorGOLD is missing distribution data for my mutual fund. Will this be fixed?

  30. I pay for Level 1 real-time data in Tracker? What is happening to Tracker?

  31. I pay for Level 2 real-time data in Tracker? What is happening to Tracker?

  32. I subscribe to GlobeInvestorGOLD because of the e-Edition PDF version of The Globe and Mail newspaper. Is this included as part of my complimentary access to Globe Unlimited?

  33. I don't want to pay $28.98 per month for real-time stock quotes to be included. Why is the price increasing so much?

  34. The reason I subscribe to GlobeInvestorGOLD is for the streaming feed of BNN. Will this continue to be included in my complimentary access to Globe Unlimited?

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