Globe Unlimited - Investor Tools

  1. What are the main features of The Globe’s new Investor Tools?

  2. Why is this change being made?

  3. Will I be able to use The Globe’s Investor Tools on my mobile device?

  4. Who are Globe Unlimited’s new investing tools for?

  5. How up-to-date is the market data?

  6. I am a Globe Unlimited subscriber. How do I log in and access the Investor Tools?

  7. Are there any tutorial videos about the Investor Tools?

  8. Do you have a printable user guide about the Investor Tools?

  9. What is the Portfolio in Globe Unlimited?

  10. How do I add stocks to my Portfolio?

  11. How do I add funds to my Portfolio?

  12. How do I add cash to my Portfolio?

  13. How does dividend reinvestment work in the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?

  14. How do stock splits and takeovers work in the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?

  15. How is U.S. dollar foreign exchange calculated in the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?

  16. Can I port my old Portfolio into the new tool?

  17. What is the Watchlist in Globe Unlimited?

  18. What is the difference between the old Watchlist and new Watchlist?

  19. How do I add stocks and funds to my Watchlist?

  20. Can I port my current Watchlist into the new tool?

  21. Can I port my Globe Unlimited Watchlist into the new Portfolio?

  22. How do I keep an eye on the markets with Watchlist or Portfolio?

  23. What is StockReports+?

  24. What is Screener?

  25. What do the stock symbols mean beside headlines?

  26. Do all companies have a StockReports+ rating?

  27. How do I enlarge the charts to be full screen size?

  28. Where do I find StockReports+?

  29. How do I use interactive charts?

  30. How do I find company financial information?

  31. How do I use pre-defined stock screens?

  32. How much does StockReports+ cost?

  33. Can I still use my old Portfolio?

  34. What charting tools does Globe Unlimited offer?

  35. What are Company Pages?

  36. What is Streetwise?

  37. What is Globe Dashboard?

  38. Where can I find more information on the Investor Tools?

  39. How do you calculate percentage returns in the Globe Unlimited Portfolio?

  40. Why is the site so slow?

  41. How do I edit my transactions?

  42. Where can I find press releases, news releases or media releases from companies?

  43. Why can't I add a transaction earlier than today?

  44. Where can I find the stock-price history that was shown below the chart?

  45. What are Real-Time Quotes?

  46. Can I get Real-Time Quotes elsewhere for free?

  47. What exchanges are included in Real-Time Quotes?

  48. Where will I see Real-Time Quotes in Globe Investor Tools?

  49. How real time are Real-Time Quotes?

  50. Am I being charged extra for Real-Time Quotes? I am confused by the pricing.

  51. How are these Real-Time Quotes different from the “Level 1” real-time data on GlobeInvestorGOLD?

  52. How are these Real-Time Quotes different from the “Level 2” real-time data on GlobeInvestorGOLD?

  53. Is time-and-sales data available?

  54. I see real-time quotes for U.S. companies for free on many other sites. Why is this a premium feature?

  55. What is Reuters financial news?

  56. Can I get Reuters financial news elsewhere for free?

  57. Am I being charged extra for Reuters Financial news feeds?

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