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  1. The Globe News App 

    1. iOS App - How do I save articles in The Globe and Mail app?
    2. iOS App - How do I move around within the new iOS app?
    3. iOS App - Can I increase the font size?
    4. Have you fixed any of the persistent bugs that were occurring on your iOS app?
    5. Do I need to subscribe to Globe Unlimited in order to access content on my mobile device or in the Globe and Mail app?

    1. Ceasing Print Delivery in the Maritimes
    2. What days does The Globe and Mail print?
    3. What are the different service plans you offer?
    4. How do I start a student subscription and what documentation do I need?
    5. How do I set up a gift subscription?
  3. GLOBE2GO 

    1. How do I use the Web site on a desktop/laptop?
    2. How do I use the mobile Web site on a smartphone/tablet?
    3. Using the new Globe2Go iOS app on iPad/iPhone
    4. How do I print articles, pages, crosswords?
    5. What is complimentary access for newspaper subscribers?

    1. What is Globe Unlimited?
    2. I think I've subscribed to Globe Unlimited, but I still get blocked. Why?
    3. How do I subscribe to Globe Unlimited?
    4. What if I don’t want to purchase Globe Unlimited? Can I still read The Globe and Mail online for free?
    5. What is the cost of a Globe Unlimited subscription?
  5. Globe Investor Gold 

    1. I am a Globe Investor Gold subscriber, do I get a discounted rate to Globe Unlimited?
    2. What happens if I cancel my subscription to Globe Investor Gold?
    3. What features from Globe Investor Gold will I not see in Globe Unlimited?
    4. Why are these new Investor Tools not part of Globe Investor Gold?
    5. What are the plans for GlobeInvestorGOLD?

    1. What is AdChoices?
    2. Why is it so difficult to opt-out of online behavioural advertising through AdChoices?
    3. Do I have to go to every site individually to opt out?
    4. Why do I need to turn on my cookies to opt out?
    5. What is Online Behavioural Advertising?

    1. Billing Changes - May 1, 2016
    2. Can companies and organizations use the Globe Unlimited Investor Tools for free?
    3. Is there special pricing for digital Globe Unlimited subscriptions for companies and organizations?
    4. Are there any promotions or discounted rates?
  8. FAQ 

    1. How do I sign up for Globe newsletters?
    2. Why does The Globe and Mail allow comments?
    3. How are comments moderated?
    4. How do I report an offensive comment?
    5. How do I share articles?
  9. All articles 

    1. What will happen to a saved story once I have read it?
    2. What is Globe Unlimited?
    3. How is Globe Unlimited different from other Globe and Mail digital products?
    4. What is Inside The Market Blog?
    5. What is Globe Politics Insider?
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